Lystnr is an EdTech company that empowers teachers to create experiences where learning happens naturally, through real live human interaction.

Active Communication = True Learning

The best teachers we know have 2 things in common. They know how their students communicate and they design learning experiences based around it. The result is a perfect environment where learners step up and thoughtfully engage in their own learning. That’s what Lystnr’s about.

For Teachers, By Teachers

We are teachers. We’re in the right now. We love those moments when the stars align and class discussions attain zen-like quality; where everyone is engaged and everyone is sharing, even those who never do. We created Lystnr because we believe we have the power to align the stars on our own and increase the frequency of those moments. You know, a “master of my fate” kind of thing.

Kade Janes

Co-founder & CEO

Kade has spent over 16 years as a teacher, presenter, and learner. A simple desire to foster real learning with his students using their own devices led to what ultimately has become Lystnr. He golfs (somewhat successfully), loves mountains, and enjoys family life with his wife and 3 girls.

Shawn Jensen

Co-founder & CCO

For over 15 years and in multiple industries, Shawn has been a trainer, teacher, professional development coach, and instructional designer. His passion is creating experiences where anyone can engage and learn. He loves hiking, watching movies, infrequently playing guitar, and building lego sets with his kids. He is also a published illustrator of several children's books.

Brian Carr

Co-founder & Principal Architect / CTO

Brian has been at the development forefront of web-based enterprise class software since the dot-com boom of the early 2000s. Since then, he has helped realize a wide range of exciting software projects for organizations of all types and sizes. He spends free time with his wife and children, and writing strongly-worded open letters to candy bar companies.